5 Hot Summer 2020 Fashion Trends

5 Hot Summer 2020 Fashion Trends

Summer 2020 Fashion Trends are starting to sneak out now that the end of lockdown is in sight. And, for many of us, the time alone has emboldened us to try new things (now that we need to start wearing shoes and getting out of our pjs again!).

We’ve put together this how-to guide to get you up to speed on the latest and greatest trends you’ll be seeing everywhere this summer.

We’ve also matched them with shoes you can get from our store – so you’re not left wondering how you’ll complete your look!

Bermuda Shorts

Bermuda Shorts look set to star this summer. The style is oh-so-versatile so you can essentially pair them with whatever!

Linen shorts (like those pictured) transition perfectly from office to evening, so pair them with a cute pair of pumps for the day and switch to our Free People Sant Antoni Slides for the patio.

Demin Bermudas pair effortlessly with those Kendall & Kylie flatform sneakers you’ve had your eye on!

Pink and Orange

Pink and orange go together like sunsets and picnics. Match them with an equally bright pink or orange pump or tone things down with a cool dark blue shoe.

Benny Dresses

Benny dresses are a flattering favourite that bring shape to your waist. It flawlessly balances showing off some skin while keeping things alluring. Opting for strappy wedges mirrors the style of your dress, creating a sense of cohesion and flow.

In the case of this Reformation dress, jute weave flatforms would pull the look together flawlessly.

Mesh Outerwear

The more the merrier when it comes to mesh this season. Throw a mesh layer over your outfit, or pile it up on one section of your body.

Mesh always gives your look an edge. Go further down that rabbit hole by completing your look with combat boots. Or dress it up with feminine sandals. Whatever it takes to make the look yours.

BLVD Shoes Kelowna | Shanelle Connell wearing Free People Vale sandal

Disco Collars

Disco. Collars. Are. Back. Baby!

The world is your oyster, but disco collars look amazing with stilettos. It’s all in the way the stilettos mirror their shape.

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