How to Wear: Combat Boots

How to Wear:
Combat Boots

Weatherproof, winterproof, and stylish as heck. Combat boots are as bold as they are utilitarian. For the uninitiated, they may seem intimidating. But beyond that edgy facade awaits a modern, dressy take on the military classic – just waiting for you to explore it.

Now we know what you’re thinking, “how?!”.

How can the chunky form of Doc Martens with the high platform and tall tops look glam year round? Well, the key to taking combat boots from urban punk-rocker to cocktail-party queen is in how you pair them with the rest of your outfit.

What looks best with combat boots?

Embody Spring with Floral Prints and Combat Boots

Woman in yellow floral print dress and combat boots with green detail

Adding cool-girl edge to a feminine floral dress is easy with combat boots.

Bold hues are easily offset by the monochrome shoes for a look that pops.

A Clockwork Orange Anyone?

Rock minimalist monochrome with an all white outfit and bold black boots.

Enough said.

Beyond Everyday: Rocking Denim & Combat Boots – A Fan Fave

Jeans and boots are timeless, but combat boots and denim shorts are trending.

In summer, be bold and wear denim shorts or a skirt with your boots. Bonus points for cute socks peeking over the high top.

Layer up during Fall and Spring: throw some edgy stockings on for easy 70s-inspired glam.

Work Ready

Keep it corporate with structured slacks, silk shirts, and a blazer. Pair with an oversized slouchy tote for storage on the go.

Elegant & Edgy

Girl wearing combat boots and a pretty white dress with ruffles and pastel flowers

Soften up your look by coupling a sweet dress with your combat boot. Ruffles, lace, pastels, and slips are all great candidates for the daringly elegant style.

Combat boots make a statement

Combat boots are all about experimentation. As mainstays in the fashion world, they enjoy the flexibility of nearly-endless pairing options. The best looks we see are those that play to the strengths of the combat boots. Create strong contrasts between their chunky, unmissable form and the (comparatively) petite legs standing in them and you’ll be on your way torwards a winning look.

Dressed up or dressed down, you will reach for these anytime you want to stand out.

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